British Shorthairs and Cornish Rex

 About Us


All our Cats are Pre Tested for Breed Specific Genetic anomalies such as HCM and PKD. They are also screened for all known Transmittable Diseases,therefore we only work with Genetically clear and Disease free cats.


 Welcome to Ancroft Cattery; home of the aristocrat British Shorthairs and elegant Cornish Rex.

My name is Anne and I am a Registered Breeder/Exhibitor with the Feline Control Council VIC Inc. PER Source Number RB101470.

Over the years I've had the privilege and joy of loving and rearing many different types of animals, from Rescued Moggies, Burmese cats, Australian Mists, Australian Silky Terriers, German Shorthair Pointers, various breeds of Finches, Guinea pigs and the list goes on.

I have also been a Master Pet Groomer for 25 years and have had other various roles within the Domestic Pet Care Industry. My passion for animals started from my early childhood and I have always devoted myself to all my furry family members. Ensuring they have everything from a high quality diet to required Veterinary attention, as well as providing excellent behavioral and environmental   enrichment. 

Utilizing my many years and wealth of experience together with my partner, we pride ourselves on the extra special love and care we provide for all our cats and kittens. Our sole intention and commitment is to raise well socialized and healthy kittens from Champion bloodlines.